The Launch

What a day!

Thank you to our wonderful group of friends and family who joined us at Half Price Books on June 2 for the book signing and launch party!

There was a stream of visitors who came to meet Fishkin, take photos in the pond, color, and hear the story read live. While the fish and chickens were there to (of course) cheer on their friend, Fishkin, we were delighted to meet new friends, too!

Fishkin Book LaunchIt was hard to tell whether our new friends were more excited about the book or taking their photo with Fishkin, but just to be sure, there were coloring pages, crayons, and squishy fish to take home with the books.

There was a lot of smiling and sharing. Fishkin snuggled up with a new buddy for the story time, and we hope to bring more new friends to visit the pond soon to make a world of difference!

With Fishkin in the Pond

Meet our friend, Izik!

Fishkin's new friends
Fishkin was pleased to shake everyone’s hand
Fishkin's pond
It looks like maybe chickens can swim after all
Fishkin with Gwen and Janna Lusk
Gwen, Fishkin, and Janna in the pond

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