About the Authors

Gwen and Janna Lusk are a mother-daughter team who live in Austin, Texas.

Gwen was 8 years old when she created a a fish-chicken character. After meeting an autistic man who couldn’t speak, she watched him communicate in sign language while his mother spoke to him in French, German, and English. Gwen then saw that being different can be a strength. This led to the story of Fishkin.

Gwen and her mother co-wrote how Fishkin was bullied for not quite fitting in. When an emergency pops up, however, Fishkin’s differences save the day.

Over the course of two years, Gwen and her mom developed Fishkin’s story into a children’s picture book to support differences of all types.

“Fishkin” is now available on Amazon (https://amzn.to/30AFDhc).

About the Illustrator

Ivan Ilic lives in Serbia. He was working as a sound engineer and music producer for years before transitioning into his dream job doing professional illustrations and 2D animation. Fishkin is his first children’s book.